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China Guardian Auctions Co Ltd

(bjwzb.gov.cn)|Updated : 2015-12-25

China Guardian is an auction company oriented to Chinese cultural relics and artworks. Founded in May 1993, and headquartered in Beijing, China Guardian holds a spring and an autumn auction, and four "Guardian Seasons" auctions every year. It has branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and North America. The Hong Kong branch held its first auction in Oct 2012.


Xu Bangda(1911-2012), a Chinese painter and calligraphy connoisseur, brings down the first gavel at the Guardian auction in 1994. 

The standing auction goods include Chinese paintings and calligraphy, porcelain, artworks, oil paintings and sculpture, rare ancient books, stone inscription rubbings, philatelic items, coins, copper mirrors, jewelry, clocks and watches.

Many national-level treasures have been returned to the mainland from abroad or to the key collection agencies from the populace due to China Guardian. It has also occasionally held artwork auctions which broke regional or even world records. 


The 20th anniversary of China Guardian


The 2013 China Guardian Hong Kong Spring Auction