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Divisions of the SOCAAC

(bjwzb.gov.cn) |Updated : 2019-11-08

General Division

It is mainly responsible for the daily routine work of the Center, involving telegrams, conferences, confidential information, archives and handling information, advice and proposals, confidentiality, information disclosures, petitions and visits, security, reception and liaison, as well as the supervision of matters decided by meetings of the Center.

Policies and Regulations Division

It mainly responsible for drawing up relevant draft local regulations and draft government rules; setting up and implementing systems and measures for the management of State-owned assets of cultural enterprises supervised by the Center. Drafting important manuscripts, conducting research into legal issues arising from the reforms and development of supervised enterprises and institutions and guiding their legal counsel.

Planning and Development Division (Industrial Promotions Division)

It is responsible for guiding the distribution and structural adjustments of the State-owned assets of supervised enterprises, verifying the development strategy and planning of supervised enterprises -- and to that end sponsoring major investments of supervised enterprises. It also assists with work to promote cultural and creative industries. 

Property Rights Management Division (Reform Division)

It is mainly responsible for the delimitation, registration, transference and disposition of property rights and mediation of property rights disputes of supervised enterprises; for the approval and filing of these enterprises’ property assessment items. It is also responsible for verifying the capital changes of supervised enterprises, their property transactions and important financing plans; supervising the transactions of State-owned assets; guiding their reforms; promoting their shareholding reforms, listings, restrictions, joint ventures, establishing  modern enterprise systems and perfecting corporate governance; and boosting their system transformations.

Finance and Budgeting Division (Statistics Division)

It is mainly responsible for financial and asset management of the Center and its subunits, compiling the budget and final accounts and special fund budgets, and supervising implementation of the budget; for State-owned capital operating budgets and the management of supervised enterprises; for organizing supervised enterprises to hand in State-owned capital gains and supervising the use of State-owned capital income; for organizing the capital verification of supervised enterprises and for undertaking statistical analysis of supervised State-owned assets.

Auditing Division

It is mainly responsible for contacting and coordinating with relevant departments to conduct audit supervisions of the Center’s supervised cultural enterprises; for organizing the implementation of the economic responsibility audit for the leaders of supervised enterprises; for guiding the internal audits of supervised enterprises; for auditing the financial revenues and expenditures of the Center and the supervised enterprises.

Assessment and Appraisal Division (Board of Directors Office)

It is mainly responsible for formulating the work plans for dispatching representatives of state stock ownership to those supervised state holding and join-stock enterprises; for drafting the salary systems and performance assessment systems of the supervised enterprises,  assessing the business performance of these enterprises, assisting the annual and term performance appraisals of the responsible persons in these enterprises; for drafting and supervising the implementation of the salary systems and performance assessment systems of the supervised enterprises; for guiding and standardizing the work of the board of directors in these enterprises; and for assessing and evaluating the board of directors of these supervised and dispatched directors.

Investment and Financing Division

It is mainly responsible for guiding the financing of the supervised enterprises and promoting the matching of cultural and related industries with the capital market; for guiding the founding and management of cultural creative industry investment funds, venture capital fund and guarantee funds; for managing special funds related to cultural development in accordance with local regulations.

Scientific and Technological Innovation Division (Cultural Integrative Development Division)

It is mainly responsible for guiding supervised enterprises to establish culture and technology innovation systems and improve their innovation capacity; for promoting the commercialization of scientific and technological innovation results and the use of high-tech; for promoting supervised enterprises to improve the fusion of the  cultural creative sector with the science and technology, education, sports, and tourism industries.

Publications and Information Division

It is mainly responsible for the publications and image-building of State-owned cultural assets, and collecting, arranging and analyzing industry information. It also undertakes the information construction of the Center and the guidance and promotions for information constructions in supervised enterprises.

Project Coordination Division

It is mainly responsible for promoting major cultural creative industrial projects in Beijing -- and enhancing cooperation between the supervised enterprises and other central enterprises.

International Communications Division

It is mainly responsible for the foreign affairs of the Center and improving exports of cultural creative products and services.

Personnel Division

It is mainly responsible for human resources, establishing organizations and the construction of the Center; and assisting with the work related to recruiting skilled professionals.

Party Committee

This is mainly responsible for the Party work of the Center.

Commission for Discipline Inspection

It is mainly responsible for discipline inspections and the promotion of Party conduct and integrity of the Center and supervised enterprises.

Labor Union

This is mainly responsible for the work of labor unions in the Center and in supervised enterprises.