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Beijing Hanhai Auction Co Ltd

(bjwzb.gov.cn)|Updated : 2015-12-25

With cultural relics and auctioning of artworks as its major business, Beijing Hanhai Auction Co Ltd intends to carry forward Chinese culture, enhance the global status and influence of Chinese art, and offer a high-level and high-quality exchange platform for collectors from China and abroad.

Since its establishment in January 1994, Hanhai company has followed its credo of “legal operation and credibility first”. The company’s value is commonly acknowledged due to its stable of top talents, rigorous evaluation and examination, auctioning of only exquisite quality goods, and smooth network of customers.


The Shanxi exhibition of the 15th anniversary of the Hanhai Auction Co Ltd in 2009

In nearly 100 auctions, more than 150,000 items have been sold, with the total volume of transaction exceeding 20 billion yuan ($3.11 million) and the rate of concluded transactions above 70 percent.

Hanhai company is devoted to the improvement of Chinese artworks’ value and stature, and also engages in public service through charity auctions and other activities to fulfill its social responsibility to uphold Chinese culture.

The company is now a corporate standing director of the China Association of Auctioneers (CAA), a vice committee corporate chairman of the Artworks Specialized Committee of the CAA, and a corporate chairman of the Beijing Association of Auctioneers.  


A painting by Xu Beihong(1895-1953), a well-known Chinese artist, is sold for 171 million yuan ($26.49 million), breaking a world record for Chinese paintings.