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Beijing Cultural Creative Industry Development Guidance Catalogue (2016 edition)

|Updated : 2016-07-27




To better implement the Outline of Integrated Development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, move out Beijing non-capital functions, accelerate the construction of Beijing as a national cultural center and build a high-end culture industry, the “Beijing Cultural Creative Industry Development Guidance Catalogue (2016 edition)”(hereinafter referred to as “Catalogue”) is formulated referring to the Beijing Prohibitions and Restrictions on Newly Added Industries Directory(2015 Edition) (Beijing [2015] No. 42) and was developed by the Beijing municipal development and reform commission.



The “Catalogue” is formulated based on the “Cultural Creative Industries and Related Industries Classification" (DB11 / T 763-2015), which divides businesses in the cultural creative industries into three categories: the encouraged, the restricted and the prohibited.

Businesses in the "encouraged” category are entitled to have support and the priority of enjoying preferential policies related to cultural creative industries; those in the "restricted" category do not enjoy preferential policies in limited areas or limited conditions but can enjoy preferential policies if they are beyond the limited areas and limited conditions and are in line with the capital functional orientation; those in the "prohibited" categories do not enjoy related preferential policies.



(1)Entities engaged in the cultural creative industries shall abide by the “Catalogue.” The assessment and use of Beijing's cultural creative industry development funds should be in line with the “Catalogue.”

(2)Newly added fixed asset investment projects, newly established or newly arrived legal entities, industrial activity units and individually-owned business shall implement the “Catalogue.” In-transit projects and upgrading projects don’t apply to the “Catalogue,” but if the Beijing Prohibitions and Restrictions on Newly Added Industries Directory (2015 Edition)has more stringent requirements, the requirements prevail. If the State laws, administrative regulations, and the State Council document have special provisions, the provisions shall prevail. Foreign Investment projects apply to the “Foreign Investment Industries Guidance Catalogue.

3. Management and Use


(1)The proposed newly added fixed asset investment projects, newly established legal entities, industrial activity units, and individually-owned business can conduct self-examination in accordance with the “Catalogue.” Municipal and district project approval authorities as well as legal entities, industrial activity units and individually-owned business registration authorities shall examine the projects in accordance with the “Catalogue” before the handling procedures.

(2)Beijing Municipal Cultural Reform and Development Leading Group Office is responsible for the interpretation of the “Catalogue.”

 (3)The 2016 edition “Catalogue” will be amended in accordance with relevant laws and regulations as well as the development of Beijing’s cultural creative industries.

 (4) The “Catalogue” takes effect from the date of issuance.


I. The encouraged (44)


1 Trade agent   services: cultural trade agency service

12 Investment   and asset management: State-owned cultural assets management, State-owned cultural   fund project management, and cultural property transaction services

2 Auction   services: artwork, cultural relics, antiques, calligraphy, and painting   auction services

13 Social and   economic consultation: culture and art consultation services and creative   planning services

3 Online retail:   books, music, and video products

14 Advertising

4 Other   telecommunications services: value-added telecommunications services   (cultural section)

15 Intellectual   property services

5 Cable radio   and television transmission services

16 Conference   and exhibition services

6 Radio and   television transmission services

17 Other   unlisted business services: event organization and ticket service

7 Satellite   transmission services: radio and television signal transmission, coverage,   and reception services as well as design, installation, debugging, testing,   and monitoring

18 Engineering   investigation and design services: building engineering design, interior   design, and special landscape engineering design

8 Internet   information services

19 Planning   management

9 Software   development services

20 Specialized   design services

10 Integrated   circuit (IC) Design

21 Green space   management: specialized design services for urban green spaces, productive   plantation areas, protection of green land, and affiliated greenbelt

11 Digital   content services

22 Journalism

23 Book   publishing

29 Broadcasting

24 Newspaper   publishing

30 TV

25 Periodicals   publishing

31 Film and   television program production

26 Audio and   video product publishing

32 Film and   television program distribution

27 Electronic   publication publishing

33 Film   screening

28 Other   publishing

34 Recording   production

35 Literary and   artistic creation and performance

40 Museums

36 Arts   performing venues

41Mass cultural   activities

37 Libraries

42 Other arts   and culture industries

38 Archives

43 Cultural   entertainment agents

39 Relics and   intangible cultural heritage protection

44 Other arts   and culture brokerage agents

51.jpgII. The restricted (58)

1.Book and   newspapers printing

30.TV production

2.Booklet   printing

31.Audio equipment   production

3.Packaging,   decoration, and other printing service

32.Video   recording equipment production

4.Bookbinding   and printing related services

33.Other   electronic equipment and devices production: electronic notebook and   electronic dictionaries production

5.Reproduction   of recorded media

34.Household   appliances wholesale: culture related household appliances wholesale

6.Stationery   production

35.Stationery   wholesale

7.Pen production

36.Books   wholesale

8.Ink production

37.Newspapers   wholesale

9.Chinese   musical instrument production

38.Audio-visual   products and electronic publications wholesale

10.Western   musical instrument production

39.Jewelry,   crafts and collectibles wholesale

11.Electronic   musical instrument production

40.Other   cultural goods wholesale

12.Other   instruments and parts production

41.Electrical   equipment wholesale: stage lighting equipment wholesale

13.Sculpture   crafts production

42.Communications   and radio and television equipment wholesale: radio, television and film   special-purpose equipment wholesale

14.Metal crafts   production

43.Stationery   retail

15.Lacquer   crafts production

44.Books and   newspapers retail

16.Flower   painting handicrafts production

45.Audio-visual   products and electronic publications retail

17.Natural plant   fibers woven handicrafts production

46.Jewelry   retail

18.Drawn work   embroidery handicrafts production

47.Arts, crafts   and collectibles retail

19.Carpets and   tapestries production

48.Musical   instruments retail

20.Jewelry and   related articles production

49.Photographic   equipment retail

21.Other arts   and crafts production

50.Other   cultural goods retail


51.Household   audio-visual equipment retail

23.Outdoor   playgrounds play equipment manufacturing

52.Household   appliances retail: cultural related household appliances retail

24.Recreation   supplies and indoor recreation equipment manufacturing

53.Conference   and exhibition services

25.Other   recreational goods manufacturing

54.Social and   human sciences

26.Printing   equipment manufacturing

55.Wildlife conservation:   zoos and aquariums, and aquarium management services

27.Radio and   television production equipment and transmitting equipment manufacturing

56.Wild plant   protection: botanical garden management services

28.Radio and   television reception apparatus and equipment manufacturing

57.Amusement   park

29.Application   television equipment and other radio and television equipment manufacturing

58.Professional   groups: services for academic theory social groups and cultural social groups

III. The prohibited (20)


1.Machine-made paper and paperboard production: machine-made paper and paperboard production for use in the culture industry

2.Handmade paper production

3.Ink and similar products production

4.Pigment production: pigment production for culture industry use

5.Information chemicals: information chemicals production for use in the culture industry

6.Fireworks and firecrackers production

7.Garden, furnishings, artistic, and other ceramic products production: furnishings and artistic ceramic products production

8.Film machinery manufacturing

9.Slide projector equipment manufacturing

10.Cameras and equipment manufacturing

11.Photocopying and offset printing equipment manufacturing

12.Other cultural and office machinery manufacturing

13.Lighting fitting production: decorative lights and stage lights production

14.Digital content services: animation and online game mid-production procedure services, like painting

15.Common higher education: performance, art, dance, and music

16.Culture and art training

17.Other unlisted education: art, dance, and music counseling services

18.Book publishing: silk- screen printing

19.Film and television program production: film and television location filming base

20.Leisure and fitness activities: golf course services



1.Six core districts in Beijing: Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, and Shijingshan.

2.Ecological conservation development areas:

Mentougou, Pinggu, Huairou, Miyun, and Yanqing districts and the mountainous part of Changping and Fangshan districts.

Changping district’s ecological conservation development areas include Yangfang town, Liucun town, Nankou town, Ming Tombs town, Yanshou town, Cuicun town, and Xingshou town. 

Fangshan district’s ecological conservation development areas include Changgou town, Qinglonghu town, Yancun town, Hebei town, Chengguan street, Zhoukoudian town, Hancunhe town, Dashiwo town, Zhangfang town, Shidu town, Puwa township, Xiayunling township, Nanjiao township, Fozizhuang township, Da’anshan township and Shijiaying township.

3.The Zhongguancun Science Park


According to the “State Council Official Replay to Approval of Zhongguancun Science Park Space Size and Layout Adjustment” (State-level Letter [2012] No. 168), the Zhongguancun Science Park boasts an area of 488 square kilometers with the layout of the “Zhongguancun Science Park and sixteen additional parks.”

The additional parks include Haidian Park, Changping Park, Shunyi Park, Daxing –E-Town Park, Fangshan Park, Tongzhou Park, Dongcheng Park, Xicheng Park, Chaoyang Park, Fengtai Park, Shijingshan Park, Mentougou Park, Pinggu Park, Huairou Park, Miyun Park, and Yanqing Park.

4.China (Huairou) Film and Television Industry Park

On May 4, 2014, the China (Huairou) Film and Television Industry Park was approved for establishment the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television with a planned area of 18 square kilometers. Centered on the State Production Base of China Film Group, the zone expands to the east and north covering an area of 5.6 square kilometers and includes parts of Beifang and Miaocheng towns.


5.China Beijing StarPark

China Beijing StarPark is a TV production base established with the approval of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television in November 2009. It is located in the Beixing Road, Xihongmen town, Daxing district.

6.In-transit projects

Refer to the projects being examined and approved or finished the examination and approval procedure before the “Catalogue” was released, but they are within the scope of the prohibitions and restrictions in the “Catalogue.” In-transit projects don’t apply to the “Catalogue,” but need to take making adjustments in removing Beijing non-capital functions into consideration.

7.Upgrading projects

Refers to projects committed to product quality improvement, cleaner production transformation, energy-saving and water-saving transformation, functional ease and industrial transfer. No fixed asset investment projects on new production capacity will be added in the Beijing city area.

8.Expansion Projects

1.pngRefers to the fixed-asset investment projects to increase production capacity and expand the production scale by enterprises and public institutions.

9.Units with medium-term production services for animation and online games as major business

Refers to legal entities, industrial activity units and individually-owned business that offer art outsourcing service for animation and online games production. Animation, online games production units with business scope including art production are allowed.

10.Film and Television location filming bases

Refers to the artificial film and television location shooting facilities in a large area and requiring extensive use of extras, not including the studio and other indoor shooting facilities.