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Beijing Cultural Innovation Park

(chinadaily.com.cn) |Updated : 2017-01-10

The Beijing Cultural Innovation Park Investment and Management Company was set up in July 2013, under the direction of Beijing’s State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office (SOCASAO) with funding from the Beijing Cultural Investment and Development Group.

It specializes in the planning, investment and operation of industrial parks as well as incubation and investment of cultural enterprises. 

The company tries to use the stock property efficiently and increase resource industry value, leveraging state-owned capital to attract the social capital and increase state-owned capital’s value. It also exports management modes and brands incorporating cultural and creative highlights through the development of other industrial parks.

Within the next three to five years it plans to complete Beijing’s layout of cultural industrial parks and make itself a professional operator among China’s cultural industry service platforms.

Park area: 13,000 square meters


- Integrated support services

Through cooperation with renowned property management enterprises, the company provides well-designed tenancy space and accompanying facilities including catering, banking and conference centers with meticulous logistical organization.

- Services in corporate management 

The company assists enterprises in a variety of fields, including exploring market channels, recruiting talented personnel, and seeking financing sources. The services are targeted and customized to meet their professional demands and help them improve competence in every aspect.

- Seeking financial capital

With a goal of becoming a financial service platform for Beijing’s cultural industry, the company offers one-stop services including investment, finance and loans to small and medium cultural and creative companies. It helps enterprises with capital problems through collaboration with more than 20 financial institutions.

- Political and legal services

As a professional cultural and economic service policy platform in Beijing, the company has fully implemented policies of the central, municipal and district governments. Consequently, tenant enterprises are suitably informed of policies that cater to their different needs. The in-house law counseling firm also helps reduce legal risks in corporate operation.

- Internet technological services

Due to the close connection between the cultural and creative industry and the Internet, the company has set up an Internet technological subsidiary that supports S&T enterprises with quality services to grow online businesses.