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Seminar on small business loans held in Beijing

|Updated : 2018-10-19

A seminar on loan financing and government support policies for small and micro enterprises was held in Beijing on Oct 17.

The seminar was jointly organized by Beijing Zoom Technology Incubator Co (Zoom Tech), Bank of Communications Beijing Branch, and Beijing SMEs Credits Re-guarantee Co.

The seminar included policy interpretation and introductions of financial products, with the aim of enabling small and micro enterprises to understand relevant bank products and policies more conveniently and quickly.

Han Zhengrui, principal of Beijing Cultural and Economic Policy Service Platform, explained the "investment and loan award" policy from the perspective of support standards and policy analysis.

He believes that this year's policy is more friendly to small and micro enterprises than last year. Everyone should take the initiative to understand the policy and make use of it in time.

Two representatives from the Bank of Communications Beijing Branch introduced loan products and financial service schemes for small and micro enterprises.

Lu Chen, assistant general manager of Beijing SMEs Credits Re-guarantee Co, gave a detailed and in-depth introduction of the guarantee policy and corporate interest subsidy policy.

He said that small and micro enterprises should choose products that suit their own needs depending on the characteristics of their enterprise in order to solve financing difficulties during the startup period.

Jiang Yuan, director of Zoom Tech's Government Affairs Department, explained Beijing's supportive policies for start-up enterprises from various sides including government subsidies, project declarations and high-tech enterprises.

The seminar was widely praised by the participants. They actively shared experiences and exchanged ideas.

Representatives also gave detailed answers to questions so that the enterprises present could have a deeper understanding of the "investment and loan award" and the bank's loan schemes.

The event also established WeChat groups where policy-related professionals could answer questions for cultural innovation enterprises.

Small and micro enterprises are an important force in promoting China's economic development. They have an irreplaceable role in increasing employment, promoting economic growth, technological innovation and social harmony and stability, and have important strategic significance for national economic and social development.

Recently, the government has made high-impact deployment of financial support for small and micro businesses in order to adapt to changes in market demand and expand financing channels.

It is an urgent but difficult task, alleviating the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises. Banks, government departments and enterprises should jointly explore effective ways to improve financial services available to them.