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Creative Hubs

(bjwzb.gov.cn) |Updated : 2019-01-19

Faced with the current new development environment of the cultural and creative industry, Beijing initiated the strategic plan of constructing creative hubs of the cultural and creative industry. We will vigorously build an industry development system with two principle lines and seven supporting plates and a space development pattern with one core, one belt, two axles and multiple centers. We plan to build 20 creative hubs of the cultural and creative industry, each with a distinctive identity. They cover a planning area of 441.56 square kilometers and form a prominent pattern of distinctive and differentiated development of Beijing cultural and creative industry.

Integration of Culture and Science & Technology 



This creative hub will fully leverage the science and technology advantage of Beijing. It will become a national demonstration area, occupying the top and leading the other parts of China.

Comic and Animation, Cyber Games and Digital Content



This creative hub will give priority to the development of digital content service such as digital comic and animation, cyber game design, software development and reach a new height for domestic digital content research, production and trade.

Integration of Culture and Finance



With the Financial Street and International Copyright Exchange Center, this creative hub can assist Beijing to function as the financial center of China and create a financial service platform, serving Beijing and influencing all the country.

Performance: Temple of Heaven and Tianqiao 



The creative hub will absorb the positive aspects of the traditions and modern performances and produce an oriental performance center which combines performance headquarters, artistic performances, tourism and entertainment.

Art: Opera and Drama



The creative hub will build an industry system which produces opera and drama performances, displays, experience activities and derivative merchandise. It is devoted to constructing a national opera and drama art development demonstration which characterizes itself by traditional operas and dramas and also includes various kinds of performances.

798 Art Zone



It has become the new city card of Beijing. It also strives to construct an international cultural and artistic exchange center, culture and art and fashion design display and trade center, Chinese contemporary artistic incubator and cultural bonded center.




Relying on Beijing National Music Industry Base, the creative hub will become a demonstration for Beijing to integrate music resources and forge music culture industries.

Media: CBD Dingfuzhuang 



The creative hub is one of the most active districts of Beijing cultural and creative industry. In future, it will be the information dissemination center for media industry, product trading center, human resources exchange center and a significant platform for China’s cultural industry to go international.

Film and Television



Depending on the advantage of national film and television corporations like China Film Group Corporation and China Central Newsreel and Documentary, the creative hub will be an international film and television base which has quality service and complete industrial chains, and gathers industrial elements and brand activities.

New Media 



Based on industrial spaces like Daxing New Media Base and Zhongguancun Electronic City, the creative hub will strive to develop new patterns for new media and conduct an incubator for new cultural and creative products and services.


The creative hub will promote the fusion of traditional publishing and information technology and become an international publishing center which covers all parts in the industrial chain such as the subject planning, manuscript trades, copyright and digital publishing.

Creative Design 



The creative hub will speed up Beijing to become a city of design. It strives to construct a national cultural and creative design hub with worldwide influence.

Tianzhu Culture Bonded Hub



It will serve and drive the culture export in Beijing so as to become a cultural product display and trade center, a concentration center for international cultural enterprises and an international culture warehouse and logistic center covering Beijing and even the whole China.

Cultural and Artistic Product Trading



Based on historical resources such as Panjiayuan, Longfu Temple, Liulichang and Baoguo Temple, it will become a demonstration hub for Beijing antique and artistic work trades.

Exhibition Service



This hub will develop all kinds of conference and exhibition services and build an exhibition service center which is first class in China and well-known in the world.

Culture and Sports (Exhibition): Olympic Park



It will use the Olympic fortunes including the National Stadium and the Water Cube to build a national level high-end creative hub of culture and sports (exhibition) with global influence.

Beijing Time-honored Brand Culture



Located in Qianmen Street and Wangfujing, the hub will construct a base to protect, develop and promote those time-honored brands.

Circus, acrobatics, magic and comic works: Future Culture City



A series of significant culture projects including the National Circus and Beijing Magic City are under way. The hub will become a tourism and entertainment complex with the circus, acrobatics, magic and comic works as well as an interactive display platform focusing on future experience and cultural innovation.

Theme Parks

This hub is committed to creating the cultural recreation atmosphere and become a complex creative cultural hub which covers recreation, tourism and creative work.

Historical Culture and Ecological Tourism



With rich historical culture and abundant ecological tourism resources, a new emerging function expanding hub be formed to combinesculture, tourism and recreation.

The planning of cultural and creative industry hubs will make new contributions to the development of the cultural and creative industry in Beijing.