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Beijing rolls out measures to support cultural enterprises

|Updated : 2020-02-21


A Beijing news conference gives details on new measures to support cultural enterprises. [Photo/WeChat account of Beijing Release]

A raft of 28 measures to support cultural enterprises in Beijing, amid the current novel coronavirus outbreak, were unveiled by the publicity department of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at a news conference on Feb 19, officials said.

Zhao Lei, the deputy head of the publicity department of Beijing Municipal Committee of CPC said the initiative had been a considered response to the impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic on cultural enterprises and the actual conditions and demands of most cultural enterprises.

Zhao said the measures had been put together by the publicity department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of CPC, together with 16 departments and relevant units in all Beijing districts.

He said the newly issued measures took into account the current development trends of the cultural industry, as well as the practical difficulties faced by cultural enterprises.

They would help relieve the current pressure on businesses through various policies and promote the creation and production of high-quality cultural content.

Zhao said they also aimed at cultivating a new driving force for industrial development, especially the integration of culture and technology and the vigorous development of "culture + Internet".

The official said that there would also be increasing financial services support, as well as moves to optimize and improve the level of government service and the business environment.

Zhao told the news conference that the newly released 28 measures are expected to guide and promote the high-quality and healthy development of different scale cultural enterprises in Beijing, including small and micro cultural enterprises and start-up cultural enterprises.