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Financial measures to support Beijing cultural industry

|Updated : 2020-03-13

1. Strengthen the support of credit financing to cultural enterprises.

(1). Encourage banks to continue to increase credit to cultural enterprises, especially small and medium-sized cultural enterprises.

(2). Increase support for rediscounted funds.

(3). Set up risk compensation funds.

(4). Enhance financing guarantee services.

(5). Promote the application and handling of copyright pledge loans.

(6). Improve the service mechanism for the joint financing of stocks and bonds of cultural enterprises.

(7). Give full play to the role of Beijing's bank-enterprise online matching system and promote cooperation between banks and cultural enterprises.

(8). Support cultural enterprises to raise funds by issuing bonds.

(9). Promote the centralized processing modes of first loans and renewal loans business. 

2. Strengthen the support of venture capital for cultural enterprises.

(1). Speed up the establishment of a Beijing cultural development fund.

(2). Enhance cooperation and exchanges between investment institutions and cultural enterprises.

3. Guide cultural enterprises to make full use of capital market financial instruments.

(1). Support the listing and financing of cultural enterprises.

(2). Support cultural enterprises to access funding by listing on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), also known as the New Third Board.

(3). Speed up the construction of a cultural and creative board.

4. Strengthen the support of financial funds to cultural enterprises.

(1). Improve and enhance the policy of "investment and loan award".

(2). For small and micro and start-up cultural enterprises that meet the requirements, rent subsidies will be given through relevant policies.

5. Accelerate the construction of national cultural and financial cooperation demonstration areas

(1). Strengthen policy coordination.

(2). Carry out cultural and financial innovation pilots.

6. Consolidate the basic work of cultural finance.

(1). Promote the establishment of a bank for cultural and creative enterprises.

(2). Promote the specialized development of cultural financial institutions.

(3). Improve the gradient cultivation mechanism for cultural enterprises.

(4). Establish a credit evaluation system for cultural enterprises.