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Beijing International Theatrical Center

|Updated : 2020-04-17


Artist's representation of the Beijing International Theatrical Center. [Photo/bjd.com]

The new Beijing International Theatrical Center is located at the east side of the Capital Theatre at Wangfujing Street in the nation's capital. On Jan 18, 2020, the main structure of the theatrical center was capped on schedule. Plans are for it to be completed and open its doors for use in early 2021, when it will become one of the highest-level professional drama theaters in China.

It is an expansion project of the Beijing People's Art Theater. The total building area is 23,026 square meters. There are four floors underground and three floors above ground. The project involves one 690-seat medium-sized theatre and one 350-seat smaller theater.

Beijing International Theatrical Center is a comprehensive performance building integrating drama performances, artistic creations, makeup, rehearsals and support facilities.

After completion, it will be operated together with the original Capital Theater, the People's Experimental Theater and the Ju Yin Theater. Its developers say it will become the most professional theater, with the most professional stage performance forms and with the most complete drama creation and performance facilities of any comparable theater of its size.

At the same time, it is expected to take the overall facilities of the Beijing People's Art Theater to new levels – helping to lead the way in China's drama creations and performances and making a contribution to further enriching the cultural life of Beijing's citizens.