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Top e-sports events to be staged in Beijing in August

|Updated : 2020-07-31


Liu Shaojian, head of SOCAAC, talks about the three top activities coming to Beijing. [Photo/WeChat public account of bjd]

The E-sports Beijing 2020 series of online sporting activities will reach a climax when three major "sensational" activities are launched in August, according to an official in the national capital.

Liu Shaojian, director general of the State-owned Cultural Assets Administration Center -- or SOCAAC -- of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality made his remarks at a news conference held in Beijing on July 29.

According to Liu, on Aug 15 and 16, the three exciting activities that are scheduled are the Beijing international e-sports innovation and development conference, the e-sports exhibition and trade fair and the finals of the 2020 Honor of Kings World Champion Cup -- also known as the KCC.

The innovation and development conference will be held on Aug 15 at Shougang Cultural Park and will be live broadcast online.

The conference will include keynote speeches, the signing ceremony, round table forums and other links.

It will invite industry associations, leading enterprises and clubs in the global e-sports field to jointly discuss the development trends of the industry and interpret the innovations and breakthrough in the e-sports industry ecosystem.

The exhibition and trade fair will also be held at the industrial park on Aug 15-16, focusing on the themes of e-sports game developments and operations, e-sports media platforms, the development of e-sports clubs and e-sports talent training.

At the same time, it will focus on new content, new technology, new equipment and new products leading the future development direction of the industry.

At present, more than 10 top domestic e-sports companies have confirmed they will participate in the exhibition. The exhibition will be in both offline and online forms.

The finals of the 2020 KCC will be held on Aug 16. As the highest-level event of the Honor of Kings game, the finals will be the first time to use a movie-level setting in the e-sports event.

Relying on technical means -- such as holographic special effects and digital simulation assistance to enhance the audience's sense of participation and presence in the context of online cloud viewing -- the audiences for live broadcast on all platforms are expected to exceed 100 million.

SOCAAC chief Liu added that the E-sports Beijing 2020 series -- which was launched in May this year -- focuses on brand activities, a series of competitions, intra-industry exchanges and interactive entertainment. To date, Beijing has successively organized more than 20 e-sports related activities.

Officials said that between January to May this year, the Beijing's "culture+internet" industry's revenue increased by 20.7 percent year-on-year.

They said this drove the growth of the cultural industry's income in the same period up by 9.1 percentage points, accounting for 56.3 percent of the city's total cultural industry income.