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Studiocity Cultural Investment & Development Co Ltd

|Updated : 2020-09-25

Studiocity Cultural Investment & Development Co Ltd was officially registered on April 8, 2015, with the initial registered capital of 515 million yuan ($75.49 million).

The company's main business segments include film maker space construction and operations, film and television theme park zone construction and operation, as well as film and TV investment and film finance services.

Adhering to its guiding concept of "innovation, sharing, cooperation and win-win", the company gives full play to the leading role of State-owned capital and also uses social capital to participate in investment in the film and television industry.

By the end of 2017, the company has reviewed more than 500 film and television works and invested in eight film and television projects.

Many works funded by the company have won domestic and international film and television awards. The annual return on investment in film and television works is estimated to be about 33 percent, achieving both social and economic benefits.