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Beijing launches over 100 cultural relic renovation projects on central axis

(chinadaily.com.cn)|Updated : 2020-11-11


The top of Jingshan Park gives visitors a bird's eye view of Gulou Avenue, located to the north of Beijing's central axis. [Photo/Xinhua]

In the past five years, China's capital Beijing has launched more than 100 cultural relic renovation projects along its 7.8 km central axis, according to officials from the Beijing Administration of Cultural Heritage.

The projects include the relocation of non-capital functions, renovation of ancient architecture and fine management of streets and alleys.

Some cultural relic renovation projects have already completed.

Guande Palace in Jingshan Park finished the work in September, restoring its look to around 270 years ago.

It plans to hold exhibitions about the central axis and other cultural activities for the public in the future. With some new benches and floor lamps, the Yangmeizhu Xiejie Street in Qianmen area has taken on a more modern look.

Some projects are under renovation. The Yilan Hall complex in Beihai Park is one of those. According to Hu Tong, deputy head of the park, the complex was an imperial garden and has been expanded multiple times over its more than 800 years' history. However, it was occupied by the Fangshan Restaurant since 1959 and did not receive a large-scale renovation since.

Considering the potential risks, Beijing relocated the restaurant in 2016. The restaurant facilities have been removed and the renovations started.

Hu said the buildings and historical landscape will be renovated and restored with minimum intrusion, and the work can be finished next year.