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Anniversary celebration of Beijing's iconic antique market kicks off

|Updated : 2020-12-24


Blue-and-white porcelain cups imitating 15th-century masterpieces, one of the new brands of the Panjiayuan Antique Market, are released at the market's annual press conference in Beijing on December 22. [Photo/IC]

The 3rd annual press conference of the Panjiangyuan Antique Market, known as Pantaohui, was held in Beijing on December 22. Themed on the "internet age of art investment", it officially kicked off the celebration of the 28th founding anniversary of the Panjiayuan Antique Market.

The press conference introduced the e-commerce live-streaming base and new brands of the Panjiayuan Antique Market. It also released the annual operation plan of the market's newly established auction company. 

Panjiayuan is a household name as Beijing's trade hub of antiques, curios, and second-hand goods. After nearly 30 years of operation, it has become a cultural landmark of the capital with substantial popularity and profound influence in the industry. 

Beijing Panjiayuan Auction Co., Ltd, an enterprise of the antique market, was founded on June 24 and aims to become a platform focusing on small and medium sized auction markets featuring popular artifacts, particularly precious stones and jewelry, as well as modern curios. Its auction business not only improves the artifacts industry at the Panjiayuan Antique Market but also breaks through the mindset that traditional artifacts are confined to the high-end market, creating an innovative future development mode for the auction industry.

The Panjiayuan e-commerce live-streaming base went into operation on November 18 to promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry. 

In addition, registered dealers of the base who mastered the skills of intangible cultural heritages also showcase Chinese traditional culture via live-streaming and short videos. 

Meanwhile, the Panjiayuan Antique Market has explored its cultural and tourism fields successfully through making innovations and holding activities. On October 1, the market was inscribed on the city's list of characteristic cultural and tourism consumption blocks and was included as a tourist attraction among 10 cultural and tourism routes of Chaoyang district in Beijing. It has also become a cultural calling card of the district and of Beijing as a whole.

This year's celebration for the 28th anniversary of the Panjiayuan Antique Market runs until January 3. More than 20 activities will be held at the market and on its official online platforms.


A local resident looks at a glazed bottle displayed at the 3rd annual press conference of the Panjiangyuan Antique Market on December 22, Beijing. [Photo/IC]