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A dance with Xinjiang's vibrant history and cultures at Beijing exhibition

(chinadaily.com.cn)|Updated : 2021-07-20


A mural dated between the eighth and ninth century. [Photo provided by M Woods]

Dancing with Xinjiang, an ongoing exhibition at the M Woods 798 through Aug 29, juxtaposes the museum's collection of artifacts found in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and works or fresco reproductions by contemporary artists.

It is a celebration of the dynamics of the history, art and culture of Xinjiang, attributed to generations of painters, musicians, craftsmen, dancers and scholars over centuries.

Also it examines how Xinjiang's rich heritage has continued to nurture modern artists and cultural institutions, inspiring them to deepen research and studies on Xinjiang's culture from multiple dimensions.

Some artists at the exhibition have spent years copying the vivid mural paintings of centuries in Xinjiang, or looking for detached Xinjiang murals now being kept overseas and making reproductions of them.

The exhibition also shows contemporary art works showing influence by and reflections on the history and culture of Xinjiang.

A mural dated to the seventh century. [Photo provided by M Woods]

A mural reproduction by Shi Xiaoming. [Photo/Courtesy of artist]

A mural reproduction by Wang Yansong, Bai Xiang and Fang Jianfei. [Photo/Courtesy of artist]

A mural reproduction by Wang Yansong, Bai Xiang and Guan Li. [Photo/Courtesy of artist]