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Beijing cultural consumption season starts with surge in online and offline promotions

(chinadaily.com.cn)|Updated : 2021-11-15

The 9th Beijing cultural consumption season took advantage of this year's Singles Day shopping festival to promote Beijing Cultural Consumption Brand Week, a market activity system comprising six major sectors, and the "Cultural and Creative Exchange Open Class" to guide the boom in online and offline consumption.

Among the activities, Beijing Cultural Consumption Brand Week featured a series of special activities featuring "New Cultural Brands Leading Cultural New Consumption" around five major units: Cultural and Creative Capital, Film and Television Capital, Art Capital, Book Fragrance Capital and Entertainment Capital.

On Nov 9, the "Reading benefits for Beijingers" brand week joined hands with JD Books to launch a 15-hour live broadcast event. In addition, publishing houses, bookstores, reading platforms, writers and book critics cooperated with each other and published a list of nearly 300 books.

On the offline side, the Brand Week featured various activities such as reading, book sharing, book fairs, discounts and promotions in conjunction with Beijing Book Buildings, China Bookstores, and CITIC Bookstores, and set up a "special area for famous book lists" in the bookstore.

The upcoming "Art Beijing Drama Watching Beijing" brand week will jointly release a map of Beijing dramas and a list of famous dramas in conjunction with the Tianqiao Art Center, the Mei Lanfang Theatre and other theaters and ticketing platforms. The "Peking Opera Seven Days Music" live event will invite Peking Opera masters to teach Peking Opera appreciation.

Offline events will include red dramas and parent-child immersive sitcoms. "Entertainment in Beijing" week will link with cultural tourism platforms such as mafengwo.com and Yilv Culture to organize red patriotism tours, central axis tours, Zhangjiawan architecture new technology tours, and Great Wall cultural tours and other theme tours.

In late November, the Beijing Film and Television Brand Week and the Cultural and Creative Capital Brand Week will also be launched.

During the Singles Day shopping event, the Beijing cultural consumption season also provided consumers with substantial discounts through subsidies for cultural vouchers and merchant discounts.