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Beijing releases 6 lists of top cultural consumption brands

(chinadaily.com.cn)|Updated : 2021-12-31

The Beijing Cultural Consumption Summit Forum and the 2021 Beijing Cultural Consumption Brand List release ceremony was held in the Yushe of the Capital Langyuan·Vintage on Dec 28.

A total of six Top 10 lists in the field of cultural consumption were selected. They were cited for  creating distinctive brands, driving quality consumption, and promoting the new upgrade of Beijing's cultural consumer brands.

The list includes "Top 10 Cultural Consumption Landmarks", "Top 10 Cultural and Artistic Activities", "Top 10 Cultural Audiovisual Products", "Top 10 Cultural Creative Products", "Top 10 Cultural Consumption Creative IPs" and "Cultural Industry Digital Application Innovation" " as a special list.

On the list of the Top 10 cultural consumption landmarks are China Puppet Art Theater, Middle Art District, Beijing Yanjing Baju Museum, Beijing Caibai Gold and Jewelry Museum, Meihousi Shijingshan Civic Cultural Center, China Bookstore Co., Ltd. Ancient Books Bookstore, First Ten landmarks including Langyuan Station, Cloisonne Art Museum, Beijing 2022 Official Licensed Merchandise Flagship Store, and Beijing Automobile Museum. .

The Top 10 cultural and artistic activities are the 2021 Beijing Ancient Architecture Music Season, IJOY Beijing International Animation Game Carnival xCGF Game Festival, Beijing Chaowan Crafts Fair, Digital Dunhuang-Dunhuang on the Silk Road exhibition, and a summer of fun Animation Expo, 2021 Beijing Strawberry Music Festival, Beijing World Park immersive night tour light and shadow show-Wuzhou Wonderful Night, Beijing International Original Art and Designer Collection Toy Exhibition, Encounter Ancient Egypt: Golden Mummy Exhibition, and the 2021 State-owned Cultural Relics Store Cultural Relics Commodity exchange meeting.

The Age of Awakening, Changjin Lake and Coming Out! Dunhuang, Blood in the Nameless River, Wild Planet, Twelve Hours in the Capital, Circulating Inspection Team, Blood Battle at Tiger Gate, "Painting the Bad People Season 4, Chinese Flying Man are 10 works selected into the Top 10 cultural audio-visual products list.

On the list of the Top 10 cultural and creative products are  Feng Laiyi series of cultural and creative products, Real Paintings of the Great Wall, Shuhuashu folk culture series of creative products, and Heroes×Bianyuan Gypsophila Heroic Epic series of cultural and creative, Splendid Future blessing gold card, Mudi cultural and creative jewelry, Beijing city elevator cultural and creative products-MOLLY rabbit, Mi Xiaoju, Hanfen Wenchuang, Nums ultra-thin smart keyboard was selected.

The following were listed on Top 10 Cultures Consumer creative IP list: People's Selection·Wangfujing Gathering Country Tides, Brick Sharing XR Virtual Reality Cultural and Creative Toy Interactive System-Ocean Mobilization, COCO Wizard’s Secret, Book of Songs IP, I Am Not For Free, Rongyi Country Tide·Fashion Intangible Heritage , Beijing Gifts, Haidian Cultural and Creative Market, Awakening Age Cultural and Creative IP Development and Authorization, and Bookstore Night at the Sub-venue of the 19th Beijing International Book Festival in 2021-Book Collection and Travel Notes

Immersive three-dimensional audio Holosound, , BOE picture screen series products, Time Interest Insight Engine platform, Digital Beijing city super APP, meta-application (MetaApp) project research and industrialization, VeeR global VR content platform, based on 10 brands, including the construction and promotion of cultural consumption landmark scenes with naked-eye 3D display, the AR fusion media smart glasses system, the construction of the ERA game engine R&D platform, and the free-view display and interactive system, are on the special list of Cultural Industry Digital Application Innovation.