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Beijing SOCAAC holds Digital Journey of Performing Arts exchange activity

(chinadaily.com.cn)|Updated : 2022-01-11

The State-owned Cultural Assets Administration Center (SOCAAC) of Beijing recently held a discussion and exchange activity on the integration of culture and technology with the theme "Digital Journey of Performing Arts" at the Wenxin Huace International Film and Television Exchange Center.

The activity was sponsored by the SOCAAC of Beijing and co-organized by Wenxin Space and Beijing Performance Industry Association.

Dong Dianyi, deputy director of the municipal SOCAAC, attended the event. More than 30 representatives of enterprises and institutions in various fields in the performance industry participated in the event.

The participating companies participated in the discussion, covering the industrialization of performing arts, the opportunities and challenges brought by the new generation of information technology to performing arts, the thinking and prospects of the application of the metaverse in the performing arts industry, the inspiration brought by the traffic economy to performance content creators, the construction of new space for performing arts, the production mode of online performance content, the transformation and utilization of excellent performance IP, and copyright protection for online performances.