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    Publication featuring time-honored Zhihua Temple music launched


    A multimedia publication featuring the intangible cultural heritage-Zhihua Temple's Classical Music of Beijing has been jointly launched on Dec 2 by the Chinese National Academy of Arts and the Culture and Art Press.

  • Beijing, St. Petersburg connect at 'Experiencing Beijing' event


    An online cloud conference promoting "culture plus" industry exchange and communication between Beijing and St. Petersburg was held in Beijing on Dec 2. Offline venues were set up in Beijing and St. Petersburg, and real-time interaction between the cities was conducted through a live network connection.

  • Beijingers spend more on education, culture, entertainment in 2019


    A recently released white paper on Beijing's cultural development shows that the city's cultural industry sector was further optimized in 2019.

  • Beijing, Hong Kong boost cooperation


    Hong Kong leaders and Beijing municipal officials set their sights on Thursday on high-end service and the innovation and technology industry for closer cooperation between the two cities to enhance their competitiveness on the world stage.

  • Universal Beijing Resort to transform market


    Visitors to the planned Universal Beijing Resort-currently under construction and scheduled to open in May next year-will be able to see the world's first dedicated Transformers franchise attraction featuring an expanded storyline and an art background highlighted with Chinese cultural and historical elements.

  • Beijing launches over 100 cultural relic renovation projects on central axis


    In the past five years, China's capital Beijing has launched more than 100 cultural relic renovation projects along its 7.8 km central axis, according to officials from the Beijing Administration of Cultural Heritage.