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  • Baidu Inc


    ​Since its establishment in 2000, Baidu Inc has become the largest Chinese website and Chinese search engine through sustained technological innovation.

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    Tongfang Knowledge Network (Beijing) Technology Co Ltd


    ​Tongfang Knowledge Network was established in Dec 1997, with a registered capital of more than 80 million yuan ($12.25 million). Its biggest shareholder is Tsinghua University.

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    Beijing Changyou.com Co Ltd


    Changyou.com is a leading online game developer and operator in China. It went public on NASDAQ-GS in April 2009.

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    LeTV Holdings Co Ltd


    ​LeTV Holdings Co Ltd, founded in November 2004, is the first video website that has been listed on the Chinese mainland, and it was also the first listed video website worldwide.

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    Beijing Sumavison Co Ltd


    ​Beijing Sumavision Co Ltd is a leading triple-play service provider company in China. Sumavision has a 14 year history, with a compound annual growth average of 40 to 50 percent and a market value of about 10 billion yuan ($1.54 billion).

  • Tencent Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd


    ​Tencent Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd was officially established in Haidian Technology Park in March 2006. With a management philosophy of “serve the users”, Tencent has developed quickly and steadily.