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  • China New Media Development Zone


    The development zone highlights new media, the film and television industry, digital publication, creative design and e-commerce industries, covering about 10 square kilometers.

  • Beijing Giant Resources Science and Technology Industry Park


    The industrial park will be divided into three functional areas themed on cultural creativity, IT and services.

  • Dewei Film Television Cultural Creative Industry Park


    With an investment of 800 million yuan ($125 million), the industry park will be composed of film and television commercial buildings, office buildings and film studios.

  • Left Bank Film and Television Town


    Left Bank town is a comprehensive film and television industry park oriented to video production, cultural creativity and arts training.

  • Beijing T3 Arts District


    The T3 Arts District is a combination of elements of daily life, fusing arts, leisure, business and recreation.

  • Jintian Film, Television, Media Industry Park


    The park will strive to become an "embassy area" for domestic TV stations and new media-driven television and film, relying on the sound business climate and talent support by the Communication University of China.